What People Are Saying...

From Teachers

The Inside Out educational program is exemplary. Their willingness to work with teachers to design an experience that not only covers many aspects fo the curriculum, but also addresses the needs of young people to grow as team members, supportive colleagues and friends, has made each of our thirteen field studies with them over the years a rewarding time for all. Year fourteen is ahead, which we look forward to with anticipation, knowing that many unique and beneficial opportunities await each student, teacher, and parent who attend.”

John Galbary, 7th Grade Life Science, The Learning Collaborative (TLC)
Dent Middle School, Columbia, SC

“We have taken our children on many overnight learning experiences throughout the years, but none have been as rewarding as this trip. Our experience with Inside Out influenced our own curriculum, including our approach with the children. The trip's focus on leadership, bonding, communication and listening were invaluable. On top of all this, the children had a wonderful time.”

Edie Steinhardt, 5th Grade Teacher
Metairie Park Country Day School

“The Inside Out team building program that our students participate in provides a perfect foundation for the remainder of the school year. The skilled staff, the thoughtful initiatives, and the Inside Out philosophy help us establish a community of trust, respect, and cooperation. Our faculty and students all benefit from this time of goal setting and relationship building facilitated by Inside Out.”

Patrick Scheurmann, 5th Grade Teacher
Christ Church Episcopal School, Greenville, SC

“In just a short time, you helped provide the students with the valuable skills they will need as they face the many challenges of leading their particular organizations. I honestly believe that each and every student that came with us left with a better sense of him or herself as a student leader. Thanks again, for putting together such a great program. It was the perfect compliment to what we had planned in our sessions.”

Glen Turf, High School Teacher
Charlotte Country Day, Charlotte, NC

Comment taken from a teacher about the students in her group on an Inside Out backpacking trip...

“They inspired me not only with their abilities and determination, but also with their care and encouragement for one another. By the end of the trip, I was ready for four more days.

High School 4-day Backpacking Trip

From Students

“We would like to thank each of you for all the time, effort and energy you put into our trip to make it happen and run smoothly. Everyone had a great time and all of us are grateful it was a success. We also appreciate your dedication to us.”

McAuley High School Students
Cincinnati, Ohio

“Dear Inside Out Staff, Thank you for making school so much fun for us when you visited.”

6th Grade Student, Brookstone Middle School
Columbus, GA

“It doesn't matter what you are doing or when you do it, just as long as you're with Inside Out.”

6th Grade Student, Carolina Day School
Asheville, NC

From Adult Groups

“Your program emphasized teamwork, overcoming obstacles, planning, and self-development which was exactly what we needed. I have seen some positive changes in our team members since the event. Especially in meetings. Everyone seems to ask more questions and have become more involved in process changes and/or making change recommendations. Both Directors that came on the trip with us commented on how well your team handled our group. Also, we were impressed with the number of people you brought with you to help facilitate the program.”

Allan Brunner, Manager, Group Revenue Development
Bass Hotels & Resorts

“I want to thank the staff of Inside Out, Inc. for the outstanding workshop you provided for our faculty in August. The process of opening up lines of communication, creating cooperation, and identifying problems have carried over with the faculty and have made this year a much more productive and less stressful year.”

William Dalbec - Principle
Hendersonville High School - Hendersonville, NC

“The presentation put on by Inside Out was exciting, eye opening, and educational! It allowed us as owners, as well as our employees, to look at and understand what makes a truly strong team. We would recommend this for any and all groups looking to develop a team-oriented workforce.”

The Workout Co. - Raceland, LA