Student Program Overview

student group on hikeThe focus of our Student, Adult and Travel Programs can be on curriculum, team-building, the environment, backpacking, high-adventure or just plain fun!

The programs range from a few hours to one day or multiple days. Program topics and themes include: self-awareness, group decision-making, leadership development, and analytical skills. Promoting tolerance, patience, fair play, respect, responsibility, and confidence are also underlying program goals.

Student Program Highlights

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Student Travel Program Overview

student group on hikeYour expedition might be a secluded wilderness-based exploration, a city discovery, or a mixture of the two. But wherever your travel, if you truly commit to stepping outside of your comfort zones, what you'll really learn about will be yourself.

A travel program typically focuses on a particular region, usually centering around a major activity (for example, backpacking, sea kayaking, cultural exploring, or service projects) and sampling other activities. Accommodations are dependent on the desires of the group. Fun is a primary objective, but there is much more.

Our programs involve everyone in the process of the experience. Inside Out instructors will guide you through learning new skills from decision-making and specialized activity skills to leadership and all the tasks associated with creating a successful experience for the group. We feel this approach offers the most powerful opportunities for personal and group learning.

We can design a travel program for your group to destinations throughout North America, including the American West, the Pacific Northwest (including Alaska), and the Appalachian Mountain region. We have also worked with groups on offshore travel in Hawaii, the Bahamas, and various international destinations.

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Adult Program Overview

a group of employees sitting by a streamWhen the team is in synchronicity, the work environment and process is productive and healthy. These are the foundations upon which effective teams are built. Inside Out believes that every member possesses a capacity for leadership and contribution.

Inside Out Adult Programs are designed to increase the collaborative potential of peer and corporate groups. Whether you belong to a team of managers, frontline service providers, friends, or any group with a common goal, the structure of an Inside Out program promotes leadership and ownership, brainstorming and creativity, and exposes current group perceptions and attitudes.

Experiences can be designed from 1/2 day to multiple days and may be based at a facility or involve adventure travel. Each program is facilitated and guided by Inside Out staff. In fact, the most common feedback we receive is appreciation for the number and quality of the staff involved with each program!

Adult Program Highlights

Groups we've worked with include:

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