Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What separates Inside Out from other educational programs?

Rather than provide a set program, Inside Out works closely with each group to define potential needs and design a program to meet those goals with a developmentally appropriate experience.

We also believe that there is more to a program than just the activity agenda. Learning must be transferable to home, work, and school situations for maximum value. Inside Out team members are facilitators, teachers, and leaders above all else, and we work hard in helping our participants reflect upon their experiences.

Where do we have to travel to participate in an Inside Out Program?

The short answer is, "Anywhere." The Inside Out team will travel to your school, campus, or place of business for your program. Many of our clients, however, choose to visit us here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Finally, we offer some very exciting travel programs (our Custom Expeditions) which don't base out of any particular facility, but travel around and explore a region (too many destinations to list).

How long is an Inside Out Program?

Currently, we offer programs that range in length from ½ day to 9 days. We also have arrangements with some school systems to offer 1-day programs to each classroom over a period of several weeks. There is no limit to the length of a program and you'll find the longer programs offer increasingly more powerful learning opportunities. Custom Expeditions are particularly well suited to longer time periods.

So what exactly constitutes a "program?"

A good question…and one of the most complex to answer. All of our educational programs are developed with the participants in mind, so there is no typical program. Many of our clients come to us with specific ideas and needs in mind, while others aren't sure where to begin at all. We can help get you rolling in both circumstances.

Programs can have a variety of focuses: Science-based (coastal, environmental, desert, freshwater, alpine, marine, or geological studies), cultural studies, stewardship projects, teambuilding/ group dynamics, adventure, and lots more. There can be a single or multiple focus within a program.

Inside Out believes that effective communication and interaction with peers is one of the most important skills to learn and practice; this is one of the common threads that conceptually tie all of our programs together.

Where do participants live during the program?

It depends on where you have chosen to do your program. For facility-based programs, we typically use a summer camp and cabin accommodation. Travel programs are most often camping out - sometimes in developed frontcountry campgrounds and sometimes with backcountry camping (according to the itinerary). Other accommodations are available (retreat centers, etc.) as they meet your goals. Food is included as part of our planning process and in the final cost of your program - unless you request otherwise.

What ages does Inside Out work with?

Inside Out has worked with kindergarten students right up through adults nearing the end of their corporate careers. Some of our most successful programs have been with groups spanning a variety of ages. We believe that the power of the learning experience is not limited to the young.

What activities could we participate in on a program?

They are really too numerous to talk about in detail, but here is a partial list:









What types of groups does Inside Out work with?

A general listing of the types of clients we work with include:






What type of equipment does my group need to do a program?

You will need the items that you would normally take on a vacation: clothing, toiletries, and personal items. For some programs you will also need a sturdy pair of shoes and some clothing appropriate for foul weather.

For programs involving wilderness travel, or rustic accommodations, most participants are more comfortable using their own backpack, ground pad, and sleeping bag. However, Inside Out can provide these items. We additionally provide all group camping gear and specialized expedition equipment.

How much does an Inside Out program cost?

It is very difficult to talk about costs without knowing your general goals and needs. Costs are dependent upon several factors, with choice of activities, program location, and number of participants being the most significant. Give us a call - we'll help you define a program and work with you on your budget needs.