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    Please give us the name, address and phone number of THREE people (not relatives) who can attest to your professional and personal qualities, skills, and experience. (Two must be previous employers).







    Listed below are some of the activities that are a part of Inside Out programs. Knowledge of your comfort level in each area helps us to understand how you might best fit into our program in addition to helping us identify training needs. Please mark the appropriate rating based upon experience.

    None = No experience or knowledge

    Little = Observed/Assisted and minimal knowledge of activity

    Competent = Able to identify and facilitate key elements of activity. You are confident in instructing an activity Independent of other staff members.

    Advanced = Two or more years experience of study and/or instruction in activity


    Adventure Skills

    High Ropes Course
  7. High Ropes Set-up
  8. High Ropes/Rock ground school
  9. Rock Climb
  10. Rock Climb Set-up
  11. Knots
  12. Belaying
  13. Additional Comments and/or Other Adventure Skills
  14. Backpacking

  15. Multi-Day Trips
  16. Leave No Trace Skills
  17. Additional Comments and/or Other Backpacking Skills
  18. Knowledge of Curriculum

    Pond/Stream Ecology
  19. Forest Ecology
  20. Geology
  21. Group Games
  22. Astronomy
  23. Tracking
  24. Additional Comments and/or Other Curriculum Knowledge
  25. Team Building Initiatives

    Involvement with Group Initiative
  26. Facilitation of Initiatives
  27. Creation of Initiatives
  28. Additional Comments and/or Other Team Building Initiatives





    Please enter the number you see:

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